AWK news

March 2018

Release 4.2.1 of gawk now available

Arnold Robbins announced the new 4.2.1 release of gawk.
Read more at comp.lang.awk.

Call for participation

If anybody would like to take on the project of package maintenance for gawkextlib extension libraries, Andrew Schorr will be happy to help.
Read more at comp.lang.awk.

January 2018

Beta release of gawk 4.2.1 now available

Arnold Robbins announced the beta release of gawk 4.2.1.
Read more at comp.lang.awk.

SPAWK gawk dynamic extension

SPAWK stands for SQL Powered AWK and is now implemented as a gawk dynamic extension. If you are using MySQL/MariaDB databases, you can use SPAWK to submit SQL queries from your gawk scripts.
Visit the offcial SPAWK site for more information.

Bob Mesibov has put up a race. And the winner is…

Bob Mesibov has put up a speed test between various ways to carry out the same task in a Dell OptiPlex 9020 Micro machine. Guess who the winner is!
Read the post and intreresting comments in Reddit.